Hardwood Flooring Beaverton

Hardwood Flooring Beaverton
For complete hardwood flooring in Beaverton trust in Wall 2 Wall Hardwood Floors. When it comes to your flooring, don’t take any chances. You deserve the best work from a company of dedicated professionals. With experienced, skilled, and friendly technicians, we always perform to the highest degree.

That’s because hardwood flooring in Beaverton is our passion. We know that flooring isn’t like other industries. When work is performed correctly you get to enjoy it for decades. Hardwood flooring has a number of properties that make it an excellent choice, from aesthetics to longevity. We keep all our technicians on the cutting edge of the industry. Whether it’s learning about new products or determining the effectiveness of new installation techniques, we’re always leading the way. This doesn’t just help us to maintain our high standards and level of craftsmanship, it guarantees your floors will be worked on with the longest lasting options and best methodology.

Hardwood Floors that Meet your Needs

Hardwood flooring in Beaverton can make a giant difference in your home or business. As an all natural flooring solution it’s incredibly easy to maintain. It doesn’t trap dust like carpeting and just requires sweeping. With the right sealant your hardwood floor will be nearly impermeable to water.

There isn’t a man-made alternative on the market that matches the value of hardwood flooring in Beaverton. Did you know hardwood floors provide a property value increase as high as ten percent? You also get an incredible variety of choices as well. Different cuts and grains offer unique patterns. Different wood types all have unique colors and properties that we can further customize with sealants and stains.

Your Complete Hardwood Floorer

With a hardwood floor for any décor and taste preference, we can help you find the perfect new hardwood floor. If you’re already enjoying this classic luxury we’ve got all the services you need to keep your hardwood flooring in great shape.

  • Floor Design and Planning – Whether you need a hardwood flooring expansion, or are matching flooring to an existing room, we can do it. Our designs and planning are focused on your wants and needs, and we’ll make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Setup and Installation – We perform complete installations and set-ups. Whether it’s repairs, additions, or a new project, you don’t have to worry about it knowing our skilled technicians are providing you with the highest quality work.
  • Refinishing & Remodeling – If your hardwood floors are looking worn, or you’re re-doing a room, we can bring your floors back to their original beauty. This costs just a fraction of what new flooring would.
  • Water Damage Repair – Improperly sealed hardwood flooring can suffer from water damage. We can repair it and make your floors like new.

For exceptional hardwood flooring, unparalleled craftsmanship, and incredible prices call (503) 465-1593 or Contact Us today.


Beaverton OR
Beaverton is a great little bedroom community with easy and close access to Portland. Folks who want to learn more about Beaverton’s unique and interesting history should be sure to visit the Beaverton Historical Society & History Center. With talks from historians, exhibits and more, it’s a great place to find out about Beaverton‘s roots. If you’re still after more information, the Beaverton City Library has a whole range of classes and unique events for children, teens, and adults.