Hardwood Floor Restoration

Hardwood flooring is more than a typical floor. Every shape and whirl has a memory attached. When it starts to lose its luster, it can feel like a tarnished work of art. The sensitivity of hardwood floors varies based on the wood type. Even one mistake can end up costing you a section of your hardwood floor, and you definitely don’t want that. Get professional hardwood floor restoration in Portland and let the experts at Wall 2 Wall Hardwood Floors do what we do best.

Professional Hardwood Restoration

Hardwood Floor Restoration Portland
There are a number of common problemsĀ our customers trust us to address with hardwood floor restoration in Portland.

  • Squeaks & Gaps – Poor wood quality or placement can cause squeaking. Natural contractions of wood flooring can also cause gaps. Hardwood floor restoration in Portland can repair these problems. Since these sounds can also indicate wood rot it’s important to take care of it early. Wood rot is actually caused by a fungus, and this can spread to good wood if it isn’t fixed early enough.
  • Mold & Water – Hardwood floor restoration from our trained professionals addresses water damage. It doesn’t take much moisture and warmth for mold growth to begin, and it spreads quickly. The best way to deal with it is swiftly and immediately. The sooner we can address water problems, the sooner you can stop worrying about toxic mold growth.
  • Burns & Stains – Burns and stains can set in very quickly, coming from sources of flame, liquid, and animal droppings. Our technicians are skilled at the advanced hardwood floor restoration and re-finishing techniques required to remove these.
  • Buckling & Warping – Though you may not realize it, these can pose an intense safety risk. Slight differences in moisture on the opposite sides of a board often cause buckling and warping. Wood may even have rotted to the point of collapse. Our hardwood restoration tackles this head on. We can restore or replace boards that need it, bringing your hardwood floor back to full strength.
  • Scratches – A professional hardwood restorer has the knowledge and touch you need. Some wood types are incredibly sensitive, and sanding even a millimeter too much can ruin them. We have advanced equipment and vast experience repairing scratches and gouges in every type of hardwood flooring.

Restoring Old Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floor Restorer Portland
Sometimes clients find out they are have hardwood floors they didn’t even know were there. Our master level hardwood floor restorers know that restoring hardwood floors under carpet isn’t a simple as it seems. Many of these floors are very old. Time and weather may have taken a toll, and a delicate touch is required. We always begin every restoration with identification. We’ll determine what variety of hardwood you have, and let you know what steps we’ll need to restore it completely.

Our prices are incredibly affordable, and our services are designed to last. Our professional hardwood floor restoration in Portland uses top of the line equipment and products. Your hardwood floor is an investment and a work of art. We treat it with care, ensuring that the finished product is everything it should be-gorgeous, ready for use, and fully protected. Don’t wait until your floor requires extensive repairs. Let its full potential out with exceptional hardwood floor restoration in Portland. Call (503) 465-1593 or contact Wall 2 Wall Hardwood Floors today.

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