What Are Floor Refinishing Services?

If you have hardwood floors in your home that have seen better days, you may be interested in refinishing them. Over time, especially in older houses, wooden floors begin to look less lively. The surface becomes uneven due to wear and tear from shoes or moving furniture. It can also lose some of the color it once had. For these reasons, many people choose to have floor refinishing done to their wooden floors.

Construction and restoration companies like Wall 2 Wall are able to bring your wood floors back to life with floor refinishing. With a few floor refinishing services, your wood floors can look just as good, if not better, than the day they were installed. They can also be better protected from damage that may occur in the future. If you’ve been considering whether or not floor refinishing services are the right choice for your home or business, here is a closer look at the process.


One of the first services completed when floor refinishing is requested is sanding. Sanding is the process of scratching down layers of wood until they’re smooth to the touch. They also make each plank of wood the same height as the others and get rid of imperfections. Having each of your wood planks be even with the others is the best way to ensure that they look uniform when your services are completed.

Having a professional complete the sanding portion of your refinish comes with many benefits, one being that you don’t have to invest or rent a high-grade sanding machine. For large projects such as floor refinishing, you’ll need a lot more than just a few pieces of sandpaper. Professionals like Wall 2 Wall have a progression of grits to choose from to best meet the needs of your specific wood flooring. They also have machinery that can sand down your floors at an even rate, to prevent any gouging. During this process, professionals will often sand the floor multiple times using different grits to get the desired look and feel.

Dust Removal

One of the most annoying aspects of sanding is the mess it leaves behind. All of that wood being sanded down doesn’t disappear but is usually dispersed into the air of your home, where it settles in all sorts of places. Professionals typically have a dust removal attachment with their sanding equipment to significantly decrease the amount of sanded wood left in your home after this work is completed. This allows them to move on to the next step more quickly.

Still, not all of the dust may be caught in the dust removal attachment, which is why professionals will follow up their sanding with sweeping or vacuuming to ensure all the dust is completely gone before they move on.


Another reason that sanding is a helpful part of the refinishing process is that it can get rid of any old stain that the wood was previously treated with. This makes it easier for the wood to absorb the new stain, which is the next refinishing service that will be completed. Staining on top of old stain can make the finished product look uneven and discolored in certain areas. A freshly sanded surface is the perfect canvas for re-staining in the color of your choosing.

Professionals are able to stain your wood with almost any colored wood stain you can imagine. The sanding process leaves the floor much lighter than it probably was before, leaving it open to the possibility of re-staining with a lighter option. Though the process is pretty straightforward, there are techniques used by professionals to ensure that the finished product looks uniform. Applying it in the direction of the wood grain and working in small sections are just a few of the techniques often used by professionals during re-staining. With the right people on your team, you should be left with your ideal-colored flooring when this step is completed, but that doesn’t mean the job is done.


After your hardwood floor is your desired color, the next step is to bring the floor back to life. The re-coating process gives the floor a newness and shine that you’d imagine you’d get from brand new hardwood flooring. When re-coating is done, a new layer of floor finish is applied, which then needs around 24 hours to completely dry. This is best done after sanding and re-staining are done because the floor will already be even and will have a better chance of being able to accept the finish into its surface.

Re-coating is also a popular option for people whose floors are not badly damaged to begin with and aren’t in need of the previous two services. Small imperfections like scratches can be improved with this process, and the floor can still end up looking brand new afterward. It’s a great option for people who just want to liven up their flooring and don’t need or want to change the staining.


Once the previous steps are completed, it’s of great importance to make sure that all of that work wasn’t done for nothing. Sealing ensures that the work completed is protected from potential hazards. Having your wood floors sealed can protect your paint finish from things like stains and scratches. A good sealant can also prevent the wood from drying out and looking the way it did when you wanted to have floor refinishing completed initially.

Professional Assistance

When you want your floors to look professionally done, you’ll want to make sure you enlist the help of a company with years of experience and well-trained staff. The staff at Wall 2 Wall can your floor refinishing in the Portland, Oregon, area while working with you along the way to ensure your satisfaction. You can receive a free estimate, along with any advice or suggestions upon request. Contact Wall 2 Wall today to take the next steps to have your floors refinished.