The Best Hardwood Flooring Options When Durability Matters Most

Hardwood is one of the most popular choices for flooring, especially for homes with pets and children. It’s in high in demand not only for the variety of style options and maintenance accessibility, but also because of the durable nature.

The Best Hardwood Flooring Options When Durability Matters Most

If you plan on having a lot of traffic and activity on those floors, then durability may be a prime focus for you. Most will only have to purchase wood floors once because of its durability. Hardwood floors will also be less expensive to maintain in the long run because they will be able to avoid the scratches and dents that other floors can’t handle.

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Hardwood floors can last a long time while still keeping their charm. Factors that do affect the durability of the wood are thickness, protective finish applied, and the construction of the core layers. You will also need to make sure that a professional installs the flooring for top quality performance.

Oak, maple, hickory and cherry are among the best hardwood flooring options. Below are some reasons why each one may work for you:


Oak is one of the most popular choices when durability is a priority. It appeals to families looking for strength and consistency.

Oak provides a superior performance and low maintenance. Sanding, refinishing, and touch ups are easy for the professional with oak floors. However, oak does also require a bigger financial investment.

In terms of style, oak wood may not be the best match in a modern home. It has a specific look and pronounced grain pattern that fits the looks of a restoration space.

There is also a difference between red oak and white oak. Contrary from their names, white oak is a darker wood than red oak.

White oak is also slightly harder than red oak. On the Janka Hardness Scale, white oak scores a 1360 while red oak scores a 1290. Both choices are excellent options for long-term durability, and your final decision will likely come down to what floor color you in your home.


Maple is one of the leading options for hardwood floors because of its light finish and durability. The harder varieties of maple, such as sugar maple or hard maple, are the most durable hardwoods and rate high on the Janka Hardness Test with scores of 1450.

Its subtle grain pattern works for different kinds of traffic from high activity spaces to formal, special event rooms. It also works for both condensed to larger spaces.

Maple does mainly come in its natural tone, so if you are looking for a specific look you will need to spend extra time to customize and stain the wood.

Its contemporary appeal, high durability and affordable price makes this one a fan favorite.


While cherry wood is softer than oak, it is known to be one of the best woods for workability. Because of its flexibility, craftsmen love using cherry. It has a light texture that yields to knives much easier than other woods.

Cherry hardwood flooring produces a smooth finish and is also easier to maintain. The fine finish ranges from reddish brown to blonde and is commonly used for tables and cabinets.

Cherry wood also steams easily, making it popular for curved objects or floors. However, it does slightly expand and contract based on the humidity in the environment.

American cherry is softer than Brazilian cherry. The Brazilian cherry is more resistant to dents and scratches, with a Janka Hardness Scale rate of 2820 vs American’s 995.

Brazilian Cherry flooring is popular because of it’s bold, rich color. The high durability makes it one of the most recommended imported flooring options for installation in high traffic areas.

It is also one of the most resistant hardwoods to water. Water damage with hardwoods happens most when water seeps through between boards and gets trapped. When the installation is done right, water from spills or drainage is less likely to occur.


Hickory is one of the hardest and most dense woods native to the U.S. This is a common option for those who like the natural hardwood feel and will rely on it for its strength.

The resistance makes it last longer through normal wear and tear compared to other woods. Hickory is also popular for those who live in humid climates as it less likely to warp comparative to other hardwood options.

If you plan on adding stain, you can rely on hickory to accept the stain well. It is, in fact, one of the easiest woods to apply wood stain to. This is for those who like hickory’s quiet grain and hardness, but plan on applying a different color variation to best match their living space.

Hickory has a light color that can lighten up any dark room. It is especially popular for those who have a light color scheme in a room and don’t want too much contrast between the floor and the rest of the room.

However, hickory is also one of the most difficult to install because of its different grain variations. Wall2Wall is the hardwood flooring in Portland company that can help you get the floors in place.

Choosing between oak, maple, cherry and hickory for your hardwood floor may all come down to the aesthetic of your space as these are all reliable and durable hardwoods to consider.

Look for hardwood flooring in Portland or a professional in your area to help install your floor as the techniques used in installation can also add to the longevity of the wood. A team can also help you choose which wood will be the best for your space all within the right budget.