What Are My Options for How to Keep Wood Floors Warm in Winter?

Are you hesitant about adding wood flooring to your home because you’re worried it’ll get too cold in the winter? At Wall 2 Wall Flooring, we understand this concern, as we have heard it from lots of hesitant customers. But what if we tell you this doesn’t have to be the case? There are options out there that you can take advantage of to keep your wood floors warm in the winter.

If what is stopping you from installing wood floors in your home is the worry of how to keep them–and your home—warm, it’s time to go ahead and have them installed. You can definitely keep wood floors warm. Here are some options for you to follow for how to keep wood floors warm in winter.

Install Radiant Heating Systems

Technology has advanced, and thanks to that, there are new options for keeping your wood floors warm during the colder months. With engineered hardwood flooring, you’ll be able to install a radiant heating system under your floors. Radiant heating supplies heat to the floor of your home via a direct heat source. This, in turn, heats the whole home. There are different methods of heating, such as air-heated, electric radiant floors, and hydronic heating, which is the most common.

Installing radiant heat under wood floors should be done by a professional to make sure that it’s done properly and safely and to ensure it will work with your hardwood floors. We urge you to call us today if you’re interested in adding radiant heating to your floors. We can explain the process to you, decide if it’s a viable option, discuss the best time to install this heating system, and determine which method will work best in your home.

Cover the Floor with an Area Rugwall-2-wall-what-are-my-options-for-how-to-keep-wood-floors-warm-in-winter

Not only will a rug add a pop of color and beautiful décor to your home, but it will also provide you with more heat during the winter. If there’s a specific area of your home that you and your family spend more time in than others, or if there’s a specific area of your home that simply gets colder than another area, putting a rug on the floor in that space will make a big difference. The warmth of the rug, especially if you choose a rug that’s heavier and plush, will add a nice contrast to the coolness of the hardwood.

Additionally, by using rugs, you can easily remove them in the warmer months and only use them when it becomes cold outside. If one of your biggest worries is walking on the cold floor, wearing fuzzy socks is an option too!

Check for Drafts

Be sure to check all your doors and windows for any possible drafts. If you find that there’s cold air coming in from one of these places, you can easily rectify it by using a draft guard, getting a sealer, or adding insulating weather strips to your doors and windows. Hardwood floors can’t get cold if cold air isn’t getting into your home. By preventing this from happening, you are keeping your floors warm and your house warmer too.

Change Your Curtains

Lighter curtains can be great for the warmer months, but in the winter months, it’s a good idea to change to heavier curtains. This is also a best practice even if you checked for drafts and you don’t have any. It is simply an extra layer of warmth. Choosing curtains that are triple-layered and interlined is a good choice.

It is important, though, to not always keep the curtains closed. Having them open during the day when the sun is at its strongest is a good way to take advantage of the natural warmth of the sun. Even in the winter months when it’s cold outside, the sunlight can bring warmth into your home, and this warmth can be absorbed by your floors for a warmer home.

Enter Your Home from a Different Door

This may sound like a strange option, but every time you open your door during the winter months, you’re letting cold air in. By opening up a door that leads to the main room you and your family spend a lot of time in, you make that room, and the hardwood floors in that room, even colder. If there’s another door you can come in and out of that doesn’t lead to a room you spend most of your time in, use that door more frequently. If you have a garage entrance, use that more than the front door. This will help keep cold from coming in and will help your hardwood floors stay warm.

Keeping your home warm in the colder winter months is important for so many reasons. It will reduce your energy costs, which will save you and your family money in the long run. It will also provide you with a more comfortable home environment. Who wants to be outside in the cold and then come in to cold too? Additionally, a cozy home is more welcoming to guests.

If you’re concerned about how to keep wood floors warm in the winter, we hope the above tips and tricks have reassured you and helped to convince you that wood floors are a good way to go. If you’re still worried, contact us. We’ll talk with you personally or come see your home and provide you with our recommendation for your home and your particular floors.

It’s very possible to keep wood floors warm in the winter. It just takes a couple of extra steps. From technology and décor to simply keeping the main door closed a bit more, the above options will help to keep your wood floors warm and your home warmer too.