Hardwood Floor Restoration and 5 More Home Upgrades for 2021

A new year is a time for a fresh start and to leave the past behind us. Out with the old, in with the new, right? As we wrap up 2020, many of us have never been more ready for that new start. If you’re looking for ways to spruce things up in 2021, a home upgrade could be just the thing to kick off the new year the right way.

Perhaps you recently purchased a home and want to renovate it to reflect your personal style. Or maybe you’ve spent much of this year working from home and want to update your new combined living-workspace. Either way, if you’re looking for some home renovation inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. We have a few ideas to help you get started with your 2021 home upgrade.

1. Restore Your Hardwood Floors

So maybe we’re a little biased when it comes to this one. But one of the reasons Wall 2 Wall is so committed to hardwood floor restoration is that we’ve seen firsthand the difference breathing new life into an old floor can make. No other type of flooring provides the same value that hardwood flooring does. It instantly upgrades the look of any home, lasts for decades, and is incredibly easy to maintain.

Not only does hardwood floor restoration have the potential to increase your home’s property value by up to 10 percent, but it also has many health benefits. For instance, hardwood flooring doesn’t trap germs or scents the way carpeting does. Cleaning your hardwood floors is as simple as a sweep of the broom because hardwood flooring doesn’t trap dust the way carpeting does either. Hardwood floor restoration is a quick, efficient way to add to the aesthetic and financial value of almost any home.

2. Add a Touch of Warmth

When you first walk into a home, you naturally want it to feel warm and inviting. But the touch of warmth we’re talking about will quite literally warm you up. If you want to start the new year off on the right foot, radiant floor heating can increase your family’s comfort level while decreasing your monthly energy bills.

With radiant heating, you have the option of installing a whole-home radiant heating system, or if you want to focus your upgrades on a specific area of the home, you can opt to install radiant heating in a single room, such as the bathroom or kitchen. Whatever you decide, it’s a quiet, effective, and efficient way to heat your home.

3. Go Hands-Free

The year 2020 has taught us many lessons. Wash our hands for at least 20 seconds, carry hand sanitizer with us when we’re on the go, and wear a mask when we can’t stay at least 6 feet apart. But we have to do more than just protect ourselves from the germs circulating in the outside world. We have to keep our families safe by cutting down on the germs inside our own homes.

Hardwood flooring is one way to cut back on germs and allergens that we track inside our homes.

Going hands-free is another way to live healthier. Eliminating the need for handles by installing touchless faucets in the kitchen and bathroom can greatly reduce the number of germs transmitted throughout our homes. This upgrade not only lends itself to a more streamlined, contemporary look, it also gives you another layer of protection for safeguarding your family’s overall health and well-being.

4. Implement Smart Technology

Home upgrades don’t have to cost thousands of dollars. It can be as simple as upgrading your home’s technology. From lighting to security cameras to window blinds, so much of your home can be automated.

Smart technology allows you to connect devices or appliances in your home to the internet. Then with the simple touch of a button, you can control these home features from virtually anywhere in your house.

Most of these upgrades are relatively inexpensive and make our everyday lives much more convenient. Imagine being able to disable your home security system from miles away or never having to get up to close the blinds. Take advantage of modern-day technology to save both time and energy. It will allow you more opportunities to focus on what’s really important in the new year.

5. Make Energy-Efficient Improvements

According to the Department of Energy, as much as 20 percent of your annual energy bill could be wasted on things like air leaks, drafts, or an HVAC system that’s past its prime. Essentially, your money is quite literally flying out the window.

But making energy improvements to your home, such as sealing air leaks and ducts, adding insulation, or upgrading household appliances can solve this problem. In fact, even something as simple as installing a programmable thermostat could help you save money on energy bills.

The best part is that these improvements often pay for themselves. If you’re not looking to make any major renovations, energy-efficient upgrades are a quick, easy way to modernize your home. You may even recoup your initial investment over time.

6. Create a Place for Relaxation

Okay, so this one is really up to you. Relaxation means different things to different people. Sometimes it means curling up with a good book. Other times, it means unwinding in a hot bubble bath after a long day. Whatever it means for you, 2020 has shown us is that we need to create a personal space where we can relax and decompress from life’s outside stresses.

So if you do enjoy a long, hot bath, turn your bathtub into a spa. If you enjoy the great outdoors, create a backyard oasis. The possibilities are endless.
The important thing to remember is that you need a space where you can feel calm and centered despite what’s going on in the outside world. You deserve a home that makes you feel relaxed and at ease. So keep that in mind when deciding which home upgrades to make in the new year.