Worker sanding old parquet hardwood floor with sander, preparing for refinishing.

Do You Need Hardwood Floor Refinishing or Restoration Services?

Inevitably, after years of use, hardwood floors can become damaged or lose their luster. This is quite normal, especially in high-traffic areas such as living rooms and kitchens. From pets to spills, kids, fire damage, time, and renovations, there are loads of things that can cause your floor to get damaged or appear dull and faded. If your hardwood floor has started to lose its glow or is showing some signs of wear and tear, you can turn to our professionals at Wall 2 Wall in Portland to help restore your floor to its glory, either through restoration or hardwood floor refinishing.

What’s the Difference Between Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Restoration?

Think about refinishing like putting on makeup and restoration like undergoing plastic surgery. You refinish your floor when the finishing on your hardwood floor has begun to fade and lose its color. You restore your hardwood floor when it has some damage to it.

In refinishing, the floor is stripped and sanded to remove the dull or scratched finish that’s making your home look dingy. Then the floor is stained and coated with fresh layers of finish, giving it a brand-new look. This can take about three to five days to complete, but a quality refinishing job lasts for years.

For hardwood floor restoration, you need professionals who truly understand your floor and how to repair it. Damage might be due to pet stains, scratches, water stains, cracks, or buckling. If you complete any renovation in your house, there’s a chance that could also cause some damage to your floor. While hardwood restoration takes longer and is more expensive than refinishing, it lasts longer and fixes deeper levels of wear. At Wall 2 Wall, we can get your hardwood floor looking just as good as if you just set it.

When Does My Hardwood Floor Need Finishing or Restoration?

Now that you know the difference between refinishing and restoration services in Portland, you can spend some time considering which would be best for your floors. What issue are you having with your hardwood floors?

My floors look dingy and dull

If your hardwood floors are starting to look lackluster and dull, it’s likely time to refinish them and get them popping and glowing again. Areas with heavier foot traffic can cause more wear. Spots that receive higher exposure to sunlight are likely to have color irregularities. Sometimes, a change in the color of your hardwood floor can be a sign of deeper damage. For example, if your hardwood starts turning gray, it may soon begin to absorb water. The polyurethane in the finishing protects the wood from water damage, and when it wears off, the wood begins to absorb water and turn gray. If your hardwood floor is gray, contact us at Wall 2 Wall for refinishing

There are scratches all over my hardwood floors

If you have pets, you can probably particularly relate to this. Pets, especially large dogs, can scratch or gouge your floor, leaving it damaged. You may also have scratches caused by moving furniture. If the damage is minimal, refinishing might be all you need. If the scratches are deeper, restoration might be necessary.

I want to increase my home’s resale value

Ask any realtor or real estate agent and they’ll tell you—refinishing or restoring the hardwood floors in your home can increase its resale value significantly. When you refinish your floors professionally, your home will look brand new and more attractive to buyers. A 2013 survey revealed that 99 percent of real estate agents believe hardwood floors make homes easier to sell.

My floors have water damage

Water is one of the biggest enemies of hardwood floors, but Wall 2 Wall in Portland can fix it. If you’re not sure whether your hardwood floor has suffered water damage, there’s a great way you can test it. Pour a spoon of water on your floor and check to see if it sits on the floor or gets absorbed. If the water just sits on the floor, you’re safe and you can just wipe it off. However, if the water is absorbed into your hardwood floors, then you need to call us in as soon as possible.The

color of your hardwood floors can also be an indicator of water damage. If you have hardwood floors that have turned black, your floors are in grave danger, and you need help from professionals.

I haven’t refinished my hardwood floors in years

Apart from regular maintenance, you need to refinish or restore your hardwood floors periodically so they have the same great look and strength. We recommend refinishing your hardwood floors at least once every seven years. If you have a particularly old house, you might need to replace your floor entirely.

My floors are warped

Moisture damage can cause your hardwood floors to start warping or cupping. When this happens, the planks may begin to separate or the edges of the wooden boards can start turning upward. Warped hardwood floors are a sure sign that you need to refinish or restore your floors.

My floorboards are creaky

If your hardwood floor creaks when you walk on it, it’s definitely a sign that you need to get it checked. While it is sometimes nothing to worry about, it can also be a sign that the structural integrity of your floors has been compromised. If your floorboards move, that can also be a sign of water damage.

I want to give my house a new look

When we refinish hardwood floors, we give your house a whole new look. You even get to pick a new color for your hardwood floors and change the style of your house entirely. Hardwood floor refinishing isn’t always about repairing damage—sometimes, it’s just about sprucing the house up a little. You can pick from the basic levels of hardwood floor finishes—matte, satin, semi-gloss, or glossy.

If you have hardwood floors, you need to take care of them so they keep that stunning glow that made you love them in the first place. You can take care of your hardwood floors yourself by following these five maintenance tips. However, at the end of the day, you need to leave some things up to the professionals. Our experts are experienced, thorough, and always happy to answer your questions and provide restoration or hardwood floor refinishing in Portland. Give us a call at Wall 2 Wall, and we’ll show your hardwood floors some TLC.