5 Room Decor Tips to Complement Wood Floor Restoration

Did you just complete a wood floor restoration? Congratulations! We’re sure that it looks wonderful and makes your home feel brand new. However, if you really want to take your home to the next level, you will want to decorate your home to complement this new wood floor restoration. There are ways to decorate that add to your new floor, rather than simply exist next to it. You spent time and money on a wood floor restoration, so you want it to get its rightful attention.

Decorating your home to complement your wood floor restoration can be a fun experience. You can choose the styles that fit your personality and lifestyle.

One important thing to note is that when it comes to decorating around your new wood floor, keep the color of your flooring in mind, as this will influence the color of the pieces you’re looking for. Depending on whether it’s dark or light flooring, most likely, the opposite shade of furniture or décor will go best.

Here are five room decor tips to help complement wood floor restoration.

Mix Rather Than Match

With wood flooring, you may not want your typical wood furniture or at least too much of it. By mixing in different fabrics, styles, and textures, rather than matching, you’re complementing the floor and avoiding furniture that blends in with it. If you do still want to have some wooden pieces in your home, try picking a different color of wood, either darker or lighter than the flooring in your home. This will give the room a rustic feel while allowing both the floor and the pieces in your home to stand out on their own.

For instance, if you have traditional hardwood floors that are a single color, choose patterned material chairs that pop. If you want include wooden furniture in your décor, opt for pieces that are stained a color that contrasts nicely with your single-colored flooring.

Use Soft Fabrics

One way to balance the firmness of wood flooring is by using soft fabrics and area rugs to lighten the room. Materials like lambswool or sheepskin will add softness and contrast the hard surface of the wood floors. Plus, they’ll make you feel as though you’re walking on air and help keep your floors warm in the winter.

Another idea is to utilize airy textiles, whether that’s through cotton sheets on your bed or window treatments, such as a lightweight, cream-colored curtain.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Natural light can make small homes look so much bigger, which is why it’s a good idea to use this to your advantage. If your home has dark wooden floors, you can pull light into a room. Some tricks for doing this are to have cabinets in a lighter color, paint your walls white or a similar light shade, or put down area rugs that are patterned rather than simply one color. Any of these will add nice accents to the room, while still allowing your wood floor restoration to be hit by the natural light and shine through.

Choose Furniture Coloring That Compliments Your Floors

As we mentioned above, depending on the color of your floor, you should have furniture that complements it rather than takes away from it. One good rule of thumb is that the darker your flooring, the lighter your furniture should be. Some good colors for you to choose from include white, cream, yellow, lavender, pastels, or muted shades of green, pink, and blue.

If you do incorporate wooden furniture into your home, you also need to be careful the color doesn’t clash with the color of your flooring. If you decide to avoid matching stains, a safer bet might be going for painted options, especially in tones of white or a muted yellow.
Furthermore, couches that are super plush and chairs that are light in color also make nice contrasts to dark-colored floors.

Take Advantage of Floor Decorations

Vases are a great floor decoration that will really complement your wood floor restoration. Color can have an impact here as well. If your floor is dark, then white, off-white, or cream-colored vases are the way to go. You don’t have to have plants in these vases. Instead, try flower arrangements (real or fake), feathers, light-up branches, or other embellishments. Depending on the other décor you have planned for the room, you could even leave the vase bare, and that might be enough.

Placing vases in the corners of a room can really help frame the room, but they can also be placed at the entrance of the room or next to different pieces of furniture.

In addition to vases, you can use different sculpture pieces to complement your floors. For dark floors, gray or grayish-purple sculptures, as well as other light colors, can really stand out.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many ways to complement your wood floor restoration. Even though it’s important to keep the color of your flooring in mind when figuring, we understand that it might not be the best option for you. For example, if you have young children or messy pets living in your home with you, white or lighter-colored furniture might not be ideal. If this is the case, choose patterned items that have more than one color. It will better hide inevitable wear and tear, while still providing that pop you’re looking for.

At Wall 2 Wall Hardwoods, we understand that your wood floor restoration is both an investment for your family and a work of art. Choosing the right décor for your rooms will fully show it off. If you’re just getting started on your restoration or even if you’re partway through, give Wall 2 Wall a call and let us help your restored floor be the showpiece you’re hoping for.